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White House draft plan wants new Internet role for Feds

I'm going to try to put part of the report online before I leave in
about five hours for the Internet Law and Policy Forum conference in
Seattle. (I'm speaking on Wednesday and will be in Seattle through
Saturday.) See: http://www.ilpf.org/conference2002/

I don't have a great way to scan in and OCR large documents, so I
may post efax files and ask for a volunteer to OCR 'em.



   White House preps cybersecurity plan
   By Declan McCullagh 
   September 16, 2002, 6:58 PM PT

   WASHINGTON--The White House's cyberspace security plan, scheduled to
   be released Wednesday, envisions a broad new role for the federal
   government in maintaining Internet security. 
   While couching many concepts as mere suggestions, a draft of the plan
   seen by CNET News.com says the government should improve the security
   of key Internet protocols and spend tens of millions of dollars on
   centers to recognize and respond to "cyber attacks."

   It says the executive branch should consult with privacy groups and
   attempt to preserve civil liberties, but concludes that in some cases,
   privacy could be limited. "Allowing completely anonymous
   communications on a wide-scale basis, with no possibility of
   determining the source, could shelter criminal, or even terrorist
   communications," the draft says.


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